The development direction of Chinese ready-mixed concrete industry concrete mixer For over 20 years, concrete and concrete mixer equipment manufacturer factory mushroomed rapid development of Chinas construction industry to become a vibrant force. In the 21st century, with the continued rapid development of national economy, concrete production is surging, the market is showing vitality. At the same time, domestic equipment manufacturers are also concrete subsequently undergone enormous changes, and to promote the concrete truck mixers manufacturers introduction of advanced technology, product updates and changes, concrete machinery has to achieve a localization of transformation. Concrete centralized mixing, the major changes in the construction projects of production. A number of applications and the ratio of national commodity concrete, concrete representing the countrys industrial production levels. Now, with the development of the industry and the introduction of relevant national policies limit ban, medium and small cities to establish concrete mixing station boom in the offing. China building ready-mixed concrete producers, from small to large, especially in recent years in the country of medium and small urban infrastructure, the industry has been an unprecedented development, but any city commercial concrete mixing can accommodate the number of stations is limited, and some smaller cities, only two to three concrete mixing station could reach saturation. So we want to invest in small and medium cities commercial concrete industry will need to hurry up. Concrete Equipment stirred domestic development momentum With the development of infrastructure in recent years, domestic commercial concrete industry very rapid development momentum. It is well known as an important technical equipment, concrete mixing plant is widely used in the construction industry and other sectors of the national economy and peoples lives in various fields, in the national economy increasingly showing an extremely important role. How to change the domestic industry less competitive concrete mixing station is particularly critical of the status quo is no doubt. We must continue to increase value-added products in order to break through the bottleneck of low imitate promote industrial restructuring and upgrading to high-end, subsequently to enhance the overall competitiveness of the entire industry. Hair concrete mixing equipment under "no current" doctrine great opportunity In order to actively build green site, to achieve environmental protection of concrete mortar production, the Commerce Department and other six departments jointly issued a "ban on carrying out on-site mixing mortar inspection work notice", with the "cut now" continue to advance directives, concrete mixing station The market will usher in a full-blown formidable sight. Grasp the opportunity to win at the starting line, savvy investors Small Portable Concrete Pump For Sale began to invest concrete mortar production industry, although our production areas in concrete mortar have a long history, but the device at the technological level preached uneven phenomenon, to the industry has brought great distress, so companies in the choice of the concrete mixing plant and equipment should be careful to ensure the quality and quantity of achieving the standard and quality of concrete products. Zhengzhou City dasion Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is one of the producers of construction machinery of large enterprises, strong technical force, improve the process, achieved national industrial production permit and passed ISO9001 international quality system certification. A good set of equipment costs for investors, the company abide by the contract, the implementation of three bags, reasonable price, warmly welcome new and old customers to negotiate purchase.

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